Children’s Specialist Makes Your Visit to the Dentist Fun & Anxiety-Free

Dental Theme-Park
Let’s start with the fun stuff! Dr. Stella has designed a “Dental Theme Park” in Long Beach, CA that will boggle your mind, so be sure to take the virtual office tour on this site to see for yourself. But, once you’re in the dentist’s chair, the fun keeps on coming’ with dental-tainment amenities such as airing the latest and greatest kids’ movies on DVD while we improve your smile. In addition, we do everything possible to make sure you don’t feel an ounce of pain. In fact, kids can receive a practically sting-free injection that will make them think Wow, I didn’t even say Owwww!

Pain-FREE Dental Care
From the latest technologies to the newest techniques like “Invisalign invisible braces, together with our “Dental Theme Park” atmosphere, we deliver a total Dental experience that is pain-FREE or as close to pain-FREE as you can possibly get.

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