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Referral Rewards Program
At Dr Stella’s Children’s Dentistry, we want our patients to know the value we place on referrals. Our goal is to become a 100% referral-based practice. What does that mean? It means we would prefer ALL of our NEW patients to result from our EXISTING patients being so impressed with the level of service we provide that they want to tell their friends about us.

WOW!!! That puts a lot of pressure on us, and I wouldn’t want it any other way! We want to be continually motivated to impress you. You see, I believe most of us really like to be spoiled with excellent service. Think about it. When is the last time you went to a restaurant or a store in the mall and you received drop dead awesome service?

It doesn’t happen very often, but, when it does I’m sure it makes your day. I know because I feel the same way when it happens to me. I’ll bet you still eat or shop there, too. And I’d even be willing to bet you told a friend or two. Well, that’s the way we want you to feel at Dr. Stella's Funtastic Dental & Orthodontics. If you do, hopefully you’ll want to tell one or two of your friends about us as well. So what’s in it for YOU (besides great service)? Well…You receive a beautiful gift FOR EVERY FAMILY YOU REFER to Dr. Stella's Funtastic Dental & Orthodontics WHO BECOME PATIENTS, and get a chance to win a 50 Inch Plasma TV to be given away at our annual Christmas Party.


For EACH person you refer to our practice who becomes a patient, you will be given a Special Gift: your choice of:

1. A $30 Starbucks Gift Card and A Special Gift - $60.00 Value OR
2. $50.00 Credit toward future dental work or insurance deductible

And don’t forget, if at the end of the year you have referred the MOST,

You Win A FREE 50 Inch PLASMA TV!


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