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Referral Rewards Winner 2007!
On Saturday morning, December 15, 2007, Dr. Stella Children’s Dentistry had a “Referral Rewards” winner for 2007. And there was a big, brand new 50” inch plasma television sitting in our office, just waiting to go home with the winner. For everyone who witnessed the huge television been wheeled out at our annual Christmas Party by its brand new owners, and for all the families who could not attend, let us announce the well-deserved winners!

And the winner is,
Mrs. Christine Daily

We called Mrs. Daily, on Saturday, December 15th to let her know that she had earned a SHINY NEW 50” inch PLASMA TV! Because she referred the most new patients to our office in 2007. That’s right, it was a close run, a lot of other families were only about 1 or 2 patients behind Mrs. Daily. But at the end, Mrs. Daily came out on top and earned herself and her family a brand new plasma television.

Here are the happy Daily family right before taking their brand new plasma television home. We recall Mr. Daily saying, “I think I feel a tear coming out!” He was still in disbelief but very, very excited. Also, Mrs. Daily and family could not stop smiling. They were really thankful, but we would like them and everyone else to know that they have earned it. Thank you very much for all your referrals Mr. & Mrs. Daily. And thank you to all who also referred and have continued to refer new patients daily.

And we can’t stress this enough. Our business is built on referrals! We focus 100% of our energy on our patients and in return we depend on you to refer your friends and families to us. If you are genuinely pleased with our service, the greatest compliment you can give us, is a referral.


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