Meet The Guardians

During their time travels, a special crew of sparkly-toothed kids stopped in on the present century to conduct a Smiloscopic examination. The readout on their Smiloscopes showed great progress compared to earlier periods of time, with kids flashing plenty of healthy and happy smiles.

But the team also found that today’s smiles could be even better. So, riding on their Strato Hover Boards (SHBs), they arrived at the offices of Dr. Stella to get his advice on improving this century’s Smile Rating. “Nobody should ever get cavities or toothaches,” Dr. Stella told them. “In fact, taking care of your teeth can be lots of fun. So, with proper care and prevention, there’s no reason we all can’t have great smiles!”

With this knowledge, the group went back to their place in time, but only for a short stay. They soon returned to the present day equipped with the most amazing gear, a mission to improve kids’ dental health and a name for their toothy team… The Guardians of the Smile!

Jimmy Bristle

As the ultra-smart leader of The Guardians, Jimmy knows that we should brush twice daily, floss once a day, eat the right foods and visit our dentist regularly!

Favorite Gear: Turbo-powered toothbrush
Unique Powers:  He harnesses the amazing power of his toothbrush with a gentle touch, since brushing too hard can irritate the gums.
Sworn Enemies: Cavities, gingivitis and the dreaded toothache

Agent Floss

The Guardians call on Agent Floss to eliminate the icky stuff a toothbrush can't reach!  Using the magic of dental floss, he corrals the creepy critters before they can cause tooth decay!

Favorite Gear: Flosser 3000 backpack
Unique Powers: Once each day, he lassos the gunk beween the teeth and under the gumline.
Sworn Enemies: Plaque and food paritcles



The crew's information officer and youngest member, Bounce spreads the word that sucking too long, or too often, on a baby bottle can severely damage the teeth! His duties also include managing the flow of communication between Dr. Stella and his patients.

Favorite Gear: Compushield
Unique Powers:  Bounce uses his Compushield wrist device to fend off tooth decay.  When flipped open, the Compushield doubles as a laptop computer that enables him to inform parents of "baby bottle tooth decay" prevention. Bounce has also mastered the art of napping without his bottle.
Sworn Enemies: Sugary acids found in milk, formula and fruit juices


Groove is a molar's best friend!  His special sealants close off the grooves in your back teeth to protect chewing surfaces!

Favorite Gear: Supersonic Sealer S3 Apparatus
Unique Powers: His sealants create an invisible shield to fend off the yucky creatures that try to invade your chompers.
Sworn Enemies: Decay-causing bacteria



Ion is the chemist of the crew!  She got her name from the fluoride ions she uses to make a super strong teeth, prevent decay and repair early damage.

Favorite Gear: Fluoride Application Blaster (FAB)
Unique Powers:  Her special fluoride treatments chemically interact with your teeth to make the enamel as hard as a rock.
Sworn Enemies: Sugary acids found in milk, formula and fruit juices

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