Over the years, many parents have had fun memories bringing their kids to a dentist at Dr. Stella's Funtastic Dental & Orthodontics. We have collected a few testimonials on what they had to say about our office and overall patient experience.

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       Dr. Stella and his staff are the best. From the way he relates to the kids regardless of age (mine range from 2-15 years old) to the courteous and professional staff. And with four kids we had a minimal wait.

Carolyn Reynolds ~ Long Beach


       Our first visit at Dr. Stella’s office was an amazing and pleasant experience. My daughter was completely at ease and as a paranoid first time mom, so I feel so lucky that we found Dr. Stella and now have two daughters that see him. Dr. Stella and the entire staff are so friendly and know how to make the children and the parents comfortable. The office is warm, fun, and inviting. It’s as fun for them as going to a theme park. My girls love to go to the dentist and I can always get an appointment at a convenient time, even in an emergency. The Doctor and his staff go above and beyond what I expected from a dentist.

                                                                          Jennifer Fuller ~ Long Beach


       WOW! Thank you for your welcoming. Our son, Lucas, loved visiting your office. I trust in you and your staff in our family needs. We’ll make sure to tell all our family and friends about your wonderful service. We look forward to bringing our four children to see you soon.

                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Saliba ~ Long Beach


       To Dr. Stella and all of his wonderful associates,

       I would like to thank you all so very much for making my daughter's "first time at the dentist" an amazing and joyful experience. Not only was the atmosphere like nothing I've ever experienced before, but the receptionist, and dental assistant, and of course Dr. Stella were exceptional. I myself am very weary of the dentist. I wanted to make sure my daughter did not share the same feelings I have. She giggled the whole time she was at your office, and wanted to return the next day. Now, her little brother wants to know when he gets to go. (He will be in next week). I can't thank you all enough. Your work and kindness is appreciated.

Nicholle Hammond ~ Long Beach


       I chose a children’s specialist for my 2 year old daughter’s first dental visit. And I was right. Your office exceeded my expectations with the friendliest office staff I have ever encountered and the shortest waiting time ever. The office décor was so kid friendly and she even loved the taste of the fluoride. Your office is the best.

                                                                          Amber Chairez ~ Long Beach


       We are so happy with Dr. Stella. My son’s first time to the dentist couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The entire staff was friendly and welcoming and I was able to get an appointment immediately. Dr. Stella took the time to explain everything to me and my son and made both of us feel very important. Even after four fillings my son was still happy with Dr. Stella. His bedside manner and positive disposition made all the difference in the world for our visits here.

                                                                      Anna Marie Grubb ~ Long Beach


       Every visit we’ve had to Dr. Stella’s office has been such a pleasure. We have four children under the age of eight. It’s never been easy getting them into the “chair”. But everything in the office and waiting area tells kids that “it’s going to be okay!” The staff has always been helpful and patient.

      The front office took care of all our insurance information because we changed our insurance carrier which costs a lot more out of our pocket because Dr. Stella is so great. I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Stella and his great staff.

                                                                    Paul Miller
~ Lakewood


       When making my son’s first dental appointment, the person on the phone was extremely helpful, accommodating and very friendly. She answered all my questions and concerns very politely and respectfully. When I arrived I was welcomed into your absolutely beautiful office. It was like going to Disneyland. My son, who is extremely clingy, felt very comfortable within minutes. He loved the TV, and all the games and toys. Dr. Stella and his two dental assistants were kind, gentle and very helpful in giving me great tips and directions for brushing and flossing a two year old’s teeth. The examination was easy and informative about what to expect in the next few years. The overall experience exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making this a positive experience in such a young and impressionable life.

                                                                          Jill Groves ~ Lakewood


       Thank you Dr. Stella and Staff, Choosing the right dentist for your child is a very important decision. I was very nervous for my daughter, because she was recently adopted from Nicaragua, and doctors and dentists are something very new to her. I did not want her first dentist trip to be traumatic. You and your staff were wonderful. I loved how you let me hold her while you conducted your examination and work while you cleaned her teeth. Being able to look at Emily and let Emily look and listen to me made a huge difference for her. You and your staff were so quick we were done before you knew it and my daughter had a bright new smile. Thank you again so much for your caring and attention.

                                          Tamara Smith (AKA Emiliy's Mom) ~ Long Beach


       Dr. Stella’s office was the most “kid friendly” office we had ever been too. We loved the “Super-Hero” look, TV’s at every chair and the high tech equipment.

                                                                        Rochelle Urbina ~ Long Beach


       We had a very bad experience at another dentist’s office; but Dr. Stella and his staff made my son feel very welcome, comfortable, and he even had fun.

                                                                        Deborah Bitonio ~ Long Beach


       What a great dental office! It’s very kid friendly and Dr. Stella and his staff were very kind and gentle with my screaming 3 year old. I would highly recommend any child for their dental care.

                                                            Monica Harding
~ Long Beach


       The Office was so clean and child-friendly he should be on the news with an award. Our entire experience was great. From the front door entrance to speaking with Dr. Stella and his staff, I am no longer afraid to bring my little 4 year old to the dentist. I know she is in good hands with Dr. Stella.

                                                             Renee L. Hernandez ~ Paramount, CA


       What an office!! My boys and I loved all the fun stuff as well as the caring attention by Dr. Stella and his staff.

                                          Kristen Brown ~ Long Beach


       It’s the best dental office we’ve been to – hands down. Dr. Stella is so thorough and confident and his patient, caring staff help make the great ‘kid’ office fun for everyone.

                                                      Stephanie Mendoza
~ Long Beach


       It’s hard to believe a dental office can be like this. The doctor and staff are extremely nice, and my kids love going there and, I didn’t have a long wait, even with four kids. I wouldn’t take them anywhere else.

                                                                              Rocio Luster ~ Long Beach


      My kids really enjoyed the fun atmosphere of the office and I really appreciated the way the doctor explained everything and not waiting for an appointment.

                                                                        Gabriella Garcia ~ Whittier, CA


       I was dissatisfied with our previous general dentist and did not want my son to fear the dentist. Dr. Stella and his office thoroughly impressed me. He has the right philosophy and attitude.

       My 2 ˝ year old son had such a positive experience at Dr. Stella’s that weekly he asks me to go to the dentist, but we have to wait and six months is going to be a long time.

                                                         Shannon Timney
~ Long Beach


       This was the cutest office. Everything was “kid size” with TV’s playing my daughter’s favorite DVD’s, and video games. Finally, a “person” friendly dental office. Thank You, Dr. Stella.

                                                                           Jamie Azpeitia ~ Long Beach


       Dr. Stella’s office is fantastic. He and his staff made us feel like family and best of all my daughter trusts him and wants to go back.

                                                        Jennifer Reynolds
~ Long Beach


       I had to drag my kids into the dental office to get their check-ups but, Dr. Stella, your ‘Dental Theme Park’ was Absolutely Fantastic! I never thought my kids would enjoy going to the dentist and ask to come back! Thank you, thank you!

                                                             Jane Kleinberger ~ Los Alamitos


       My kids were afraid of going to the dentist, especially the shots, but with Dr. Stella’s ‘Magic Wand’ they didn’t even know they got a shot. I still can’t believe it.

                                                                            Letty Martinez ~ Long Beach


       I don’t have insurance and every visit to the dentist was costing me a lot of money. I found myself putting off my kids appointments for their regular check-ups. At Dr. Stella’s office we all work together to prevent cavities and, with his timely reminders, my kids get good check-ups now and that makes them happy and saves me money.

                                                                             Linda Munoz ~ Long Beach


       I would like to say that going to the Dr. Stella’s “Dental Theme Park” was the best thing for my two sons. I had taken my youngest son Matthew to another dentist year ago and he would not let the dentist look at his mouth. He had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Stella that when we left the office he said “I like the dentist!” My older son Brandon needed a tooth extraction and Dr. Stella did it with such ease. Both my sons LOVE going to the dentist.

                                                                             Carla P. Silva ~ Long Beach


       Tori was excited to come back to see Dr. Bob today. She actually was looking forward to being back in the dental office; can you believe it, a child looking forward to a filling?

Since her first visit last week she has been brushing while using her purple sand two-minute timer and flossing with special flossing tools. My daughter has been to other dentists but Dr. Bob, his office and staff are superb. The artwork and games, TV’s and DVD’s welcome each child into a friendly and safe environment. The office staff was cordial, polite, pleasant and sweet, which helps ease a nervous mom’s mind, when their child is taken off into another room. Dr. Bob was amazing. He made Tori so comfortable and came out to speak with me after her filling to tell me what a wonderful daughter I have. Dr. Bob took the time to chat with me and compliment my daughter.

I have recommended Dr. Bob and his gracious staff to all my friends and family who are in need of a pediatric dentist who cares about kids and the care of their teeth.

                                                            Vanessa Accardi
~ Bellflower


       My sweet eighteen month old baby had four cavities of which two front teeth actually needed root canals. My poor baby was screaming, turning, kicking, while Dr. Stella was fixing his teeth. I don’t know how he does it, but Dr. Stella was cam, professional, and polite during the entire procedure. He was wonderful. We are so thankful that we found a great children’s dentist like Dr. Stella, because anyone else would have made this sad but necessary procedure very difficult. My baby is doing great and is now cavity free!

                                                                                Denise Hays ~ Bellflower


       My five year old daughter needed a small cavity filled and all I could do was remember how bad it was for me at the dentist as a child. When we arrived at the office she was put at ease immediately as she sat and enjoyed videos. After discussing the procedure with Dr. Stella, I was impressed at all the sophisticated gadgets he had to make the procedure pain free and quick. She smiled through it!

When it was all over I knew she would not be plagued with “nightmares of the dentist” as I once had been. Her exiting comment went something like this, “I love this place! It’s the best. Can I live here?” Who would have thought?”

Thanks Dr. Stella and staff.

“When Tara chipped her tooth, I knew I had to do what I’d been putting off for a while….go to the dentist. She is in the midst of her “terrible-two’s” and I knew it wouldn’t be pretty. But the whole experience went quite well. The playroom kept her busy and the office décor made me think I was at Disneyland with all the great art and oversized props. Dr. Stella and his staff knew exactly what to do and we were in and out in no time at all. Thanks for a great first visit to the dentist.

                                          Leslie Anderson ~ Cypress


       I truly believe your organization is a “Well Oiled Machine”. From the reminder notices to the person answering the phone is awesome. Then when you come in: the warm greetings, the no waiting, to the girls doing the x-rays and cleanings with such great understanding of kids and making them feel comfortable and having fun. Then you get to see the Doctor who really and truly does this because he is passionate about his practice of dentistry! I refer everyone I can!

                                                                             Kim Sasseen ~ Long Beach


       Dear Dr. Stella, I would like to let you know my children love your office. Your staff is very nice and easy to talk to. My daughter Brooke just had her first filling and she told me that you made her feel very brave, (she’s only five). We would like to say Thank You!!

                                                                             Patricia Elliott ~ Long Beach

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